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These are extremely challenging times – especially for the aviation industry! But that does not mean you have to stop learning or reading! This is as good a time as any to keep upgrading your skills & knowledge!
The GCAS team has created this resource page, which will be updated on a regular basis with articles, links to relevant websites, informational blogs, to help keep you motivated, learning & focused!

If you have an article that you enjoyed reading & would like to share, please also do let us know – we will have it posted also on this site. Please email us at with the details!

We’re all in this together! And we are going to grow stronger together!

Thank you
The GCAS Team 


Harvard Online Resources 

Harvard has created a special page on Harvard Business Publishing with various articles that will be of help during these current times.

Here is the link to the landing page:

Trust the articles will be of use as they cover a wide range of topics!


The three secrets of resilient people | Lucy Hone | TEDxChristchurch 

Dr Lucy Hone is a resilience expert who thought she found her calling supporting people to recover following the Christchurch earthquake. She had no idea that her personal journey was about to take her to a far darker place. In this powerful and courageous talk, she shares the three strategies that got her through an unimaginable tragedy⁠—and offers a profound insight on human suffering. Dr Lucy Hone is a director of the New Zealand Institute of Wellbeing & Resilience, a research associate at AUT University, a published academic researcher, best-selling author and contributor to Psychology Today, the Sunday Star Times and Next magazine.


What can airports and airlines do to prevent the spread of Coronavirus?

Vital Vio CEO Colleen Costello discusses what more aviation stakeholders could do to guarantee the safety of their passengers and help flatten the curve of the ongoing Covid-19's spread.

Aviation Industry Forecasts   

Deeper Revenue Hit from COVID-19

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) updated its analysis of the revenue impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global air transport industry. Owing to the severity of travel restrictions and the expected global recession, IATA now estimates that industry passenger revenues could plummet $252 billion or 44% below 2019’s figure. This is in a scenario in which severe travel restrictions last for up to three months, followed by a gradual economic recovery later this year.

Airport Council International – COVID19 Notifications, Updates & Blogs