Gulf Centre for Aviation Studies

ACI - ICAO Implementing Annex 14: Advanced Aerodrome Design and Operations* AMPAP Elective

Instructor Virtual Led Training
The goal of the course is to enable participants to support the implementation of the ICAO Annex 14, Volume 1 Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) in their aerodromes to achieve compliance. The course will utilize case studies for participants to practice implementation activities of Annex 14. This course will make use of relevant ICAO documentation such as Doc 9981: PANS-Aerodromes and will prepare the audience for the ACI-ICAO Aerodrome Certification course.

Course Benefits

Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:
  • Apply the ICAO Annex 14, Volume 1 SARPs for lighting, signs and markings on an aerodrome;
  • Detail the aerodrome emergency planning process requirements;
  • Detail the services needed to operate the aerodrome such as rescue and fire fighting, wildlife strike hazard reduction, and ground handling;
  • Identify solutions to challenges presented regarding aerodrome design and operations, encountered in real life situations; and
  • Manage non-compliance through safety assessment with reference to Doc 9981: PANS-Aerodromes

Who Should Attend

Participants should be involved in the aerodrome certification process in their capacities as:
  • Airport Operations Management and Staff
  • Airport Safety Director and staff
  • Ground Movement Controller/Apron Controller
  • Airside Maintenance Manager
  • Director/Manager Service Providers
  • Airside Planner/ Engineer
  • Airport Authority Regulator

Course Outline

  • Aerodrome Certification – Group Discussion
  • Standards & Recommended Practices – Annex 14, Vol. 1
  • Aerodrome design criteria
  • Aerodrome data
  • Aerodrome reference codes – aircraft type recognition
  • Physical characteristics
  • Declared distances
  • Runways, taxiways and their associated areas
  • Obstacle Limitation Surfaces (OLS)
  • Visual Aids for navigation; aerodrome lighting, signs and markings
  • Electrical systems
  • Aerodrome operational services, equipment and installations
  • Aerodrome maintenance
  • Managing safety based on Doc 9981: PANS-Aerodromes using safety assessments
  • Case studies and group exercises

Course Prerequisite (s)

  • Participants must have a fundamental understanding of ICAO Annex 14, Volume 1 either through successful completion of a course or through on-the-job experience.
  • speak, read and write English.
  • Access to a Desktop computer or  Laptop or mobile, or tablet with web cam. (Using a Mobile is not recommended) 
  • Stable Internet connection
  • MS Team/CISCO Webex application on their device (instructions will be sent once you register for the course)
  • A valid email address.