Gulf Centre for Aviation Studies

ACI - Airport Non-Aeronautical Revenues

Instructor Led Virtual Training.

The course will aim to emphasize the opportunities available to airport managers to enhance nonaeronautical and through third-party services. This will involve engaging participants to understand the role of innovation, competitiveness, and new outreach technologies in developing marketing strategies that effectively influence the airport’s strategic business plan. Also important for airports to understand is how best to address the challenging relationships between airport management, its primary customers (airlines, passengers, cargo operators), and concession providers together with suppliers (e.g. retail brands). Ultimately, the course will assist participants to develop and maintain long-term value propositions for all affected parties.

Course Benefits

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to: 

  • Understand challenging environment that demands attention to non-aeronautical development and other revenue innovations
  • Identify best practices for defining target customer groups
  • Describe airport marketing strategy and optimal revenue methods
  • Describe demand projection to prepare revenue forecasts
  • Explain the business case with application to land development and concession management
  • Explain Customer Relation Management tools and technology-based outreach programs (e.g. social media)
  • Develop team structure and sales management efforts
  • Integrate learning and apply to case study exercise to demonstrate a comprehension of the overall principles and detailed practices for successful revenue generation

Who Should Attend

  • Airport Finance / Marketing / Commercial / Operations Directors, Managers and Staff
  • Airport Consultants, Concession Management Organizations, and related service providers

Course Outline

  • Commercial market knowledge
  • Prepare Airport commercial strategy and program objectives
  • Develop airport revenue foreast
  • Prepare airport business case for commercial operations
  • Engage and manage concession operations
  • Develop Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs
  • Ensure effective sales management
  • Airport commercial case study

Course Prerequisite (s)

Speak, read and write English.