Gulf Centre for Aviation Studies

ACI - Airport Revenue Generation

Instructor Led Virtual Training

This course will engage participants to understand the role of innovation and competitiveness in the development of marketing strategy, along with the influence on overall airport strategic business planning. The relations between airport management, primary customers (airlines, passengers, cargo operators), and revenue concession providers will be examined for the purpose of establishing and maintaining long-term value propositions for all affected parties. (Please note course fees indicated are for ACI Members/ACI World Business Partners. Please contact us for non-member pricing.)

Course Benefits

Understand the challenging environment and evolving business models that encourage airport management to focus on revenue generation that permit primary customer traffic expansion, non-aeronautical activity development, and the increasing efforts by airports to deliver non-conventional service innovations;

  • Describe the relationship between airport marketing strategy and optimal revenue generation methods;
  • Identify the best practices for determining target customer groups;
  • Explain, in detail, the principles of business proposal development with application to the primary spheres of airport revenue generation including airline, passenger, and cargo traffic retention and expansion
  • Define how airports plan and implement concession and land development programs
  • Explain new Customer Relation Management tools and related customer outreach programs
  • Describe demand forecasting techniques and the corresponding application of modern pricing strategy to prepare robust revenue forecasts
  • Elaborate upon the proper methods to ensure airport revenues are collected and the use of benchmarking for maintaining airport revenue strategies at the leading edge of best practice
  • Develop the team structure and prepare for implementation of sales efforts and business negotiations

Who Should Attend

Airport employee working in a commercial or finance role.

Course Outline

  • Market Knowledge
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Traffic and Revenue Forecasts
  • Business Development
  • Concession Management
  • Customer Relations
  • Organization Development

Course Prerequisite (s)

speak, read and write English.