Gulf Centre for Aviation Studies

ACI - Aerodrome Safeguarding

Instructor Led Virtual Training

All aerodromes have to ensure that the environment both on and off the airport are maintained in a safe condition for aircraft operations. The aerodrome safeguarding course is designed to introduce delegates to the different forms that safeguarding takes and how to develop procedures in order to implement effective controls. It also explores the legal implications and aspects of safeguarding.

Course Benefits

On successfully completing the course, trainees will be able to:-

  • Explain the importance of safeguarding in today’s aviation environment.
  • Understand of the elements of Aerodrome Safeguarding
  • Explain how Aerodrome Safeguarding Procedures may be developed
  • Describe the legal aspects of the safeguarding process
  • Apply the knowledge on aerodrome safeguarding at their own airports

Who Should Attend

  • Airport Management who have responsibilities for Aerodrome Safeguarding
  • Airfield Planners
  • Airside Safety and Compliance Managers
  • Strategic Development Managers
  • National Regulators
  • Local Authority / Municipality Officers dealing with Aerodromes

Course Outline

  • Types of Safeguarding
  • Technical Safeguarding
  • Obstacle Safeguarding
  • Pavements
  • Liaison with Local Planning Authorities / Municipalities
  • Legal Obligations and Aspects of Safeguarding
  • Safeguarding Maps
  • Safeguarding Tools
  • Management of Obstacles
  • Wildlife Safeguarding
  • Lights in the vicinity of Aerodromes
  • Group Exercises and Case Studies

Course Prerequisite (s)

Training is in English.  Participants should have basic comprehension of the English language and possess some understanding of airside operations.