Gulf Centre for Aviation Studies

Aviation Law

The course will provide an exclusive and in depth review of the fundamental rules, regulations and legal framework that govern the Aviation business, so as to provide a comprehensive understanding of air law instruments.

Course Benefits

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Acquire an in-depth understanding on international conventions and protocols that govern the aviation business, regulatory regimes, liability regimes

  • Get an overview of air transport dynamics, the bilateral process to obtain traffic rights, airline cooperative marketing & commercial activities.                        

Who Should Attend

  • Airport, Airline, Aviation-related industry executives

  • Regulatory Authorities

  • Executives in the Legal Departments of Aviation/non-aviation Sectors

  • Practicing Lawyers

  • Consultants

  • Aviation enthusiasts in need of a comprehensive understanding of air law instruments

Course Outline

  •  Aviation Environment
    Focus on the business & operational dynamics of airports, airlines & related sectors

  • Aviation Law
    In-depth analysis of national and international aviation laws
    Scope and development of international law;
    International Law versus Municipal Law;
    Global Aviation Regulations; Chicago Regime, Warsaw Regime,  Criminal Air Law Regime/  Air Safety and Security Regime
    Bilateral Regulations
    Market Access
    BASA Negotiations & Standard BASA Text;
    Airline Cooperative Marketing-Alliances,
    Code -sharing Franchising;
    Airline Passenger's Rights and Privileges;
    Emerging Legal Issues in Aviation sector

  • Practical Application
    Syndicated exercises to help in the application of the newly acquired knowledge with research into related areas
    This will enable participants to formulate strategies and techniques to meet the emerging challenges in the aviation legal world.
    Includes mock exercises & a real-life case study

Course Prerequisite (s)

Good English Skills

Basic understanding of the aviation industry