Gulf Centre for Aviation Studies

Auditing Techniques for Aerodromes Training Course

The course starts with an introduction to the Total Aviation System and the general concept and techniques of Audits and inspection. From there on, one reviews some key aspects and areas to be audited on all aerodromes within an audit context.

Course Benefits

After the completion of this course, students should have achieved a basic understanding of the principles and practical aspects of auditing techniques related to aerodromes. The student will also have a fair idea of important issues to look into from a safety point of view.

Who Should Attend

Individuals who are about to perform or manage audits of aerodromes, in a CAA or within the industry.

Course Outline

  • Introduction

    • The Total Aviation System (Relationship between ICAO Annexes, Roles and responsibilities, tasks and tools of the CAA, the Aerodrome in a Total System context)

    • Definitions related to safety and Safety Management Systems

  • Audit theory

    • Auditing Aerodromes, management, principles and procedures, joint audits

  • Aerodrome aspects in an audit context

    • Safety Management Systems

    • Infrastructure and obstacle limitation surfaces

    • Visual aids

    • Rescue and Firefighting

    • Wildlife and Foreign Object Management

    • Winter operations

    • Operation in reduced visibility

    • Runway Incursion Prevention

Course Prerequisite (s)

speak, read and write English. Knowledge of aerodrome issues necessary