Gulf Centre for Aviation Studies

Incident Investigation Training Course

This is a practical course that aims to provide participants with sufficient knowledge to understand how to develop and implement formal quality management disciplines in response to regulatory requirements. It also provides an overview of how an organisation should take control of and manage internal audit programmes designed to provide the Accountable Manager with the assurance of compliance with regulations and company working practices and designed to provide regulatory authorities with the confidence of an organisation's self monitoring process

Course Benefits

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • An understanding of the legal framework for the conduct of investigations

  • An understanding of the organization of a large investigation

  • An awareness of risk and hazard in aviation

  • The skills of conducting a local investigation

  • An insight into the way explanatory models shape an enquiry

  • An understanding of investigation as a tool in an SMS

  • An insight into event analysis in order to promote safety

Who Should Attend

  • Regulators involved in the assessment of an organizations quality management system and associated audit process

  • Accountable Managers

  • Quality Managers

  • Audit Managers.

Course Outline

  • The nature of investigation: Legal requirements, purpose of investigation

  • Conduct of a large investigation: Outline of how a major investigation is managed

  • Risks and Hazards: Definitions ad concepts, implications for investigation planning

  • Human factors in adverse events: Overview of Human Factors, Crew Resource Management and Threat and Error Management

  • Models of Event Causation: Review of major categories of accident causation models concentrating on latest thinking in safety management

  • Investigation and Safety Management: Developing a Safety Management System. Investigation as a tool within an SMS, investigation as a validation tool for an SMS

  • Dealing with local incidents: Conducting local investigation

  • Investigating maintenance and air traffic: Application of investigation techniques across the aviation system

  • Reporting writing: The structure of reports with emphasis on the Analysis section, the role of recommendation in investigation reports

  • Learning from events: Drawing the correct conclusions

Course Prerequisite (s)

speak, read and write English.