Gulf Centre for Aviation Studies

Implementing Branded Customer Service Programmes at Airports

The objectives of this course are to show the importance of providing excellent customer service, how to do it and the benefits for those who do. The course will suggest techniques, principles and the practical applications necessary to allow you and your company to reap the very rewarding benefits that come from excellent customer service. In addition, the course will provide guidance on the implementation of customer satisfaction research, the analysis of the results, the benefits of integrating customer service and security training, the use of performance management to achieve the desired results.

Course Benefits

Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Provides step-by-step guidance to design, implement, monitor and communicate customer service programs that enhance customer experiences airport-wide and build customer loyalty
  • Focuses on understanding airport customers, assuring stakeholder buy-in, and encouraging employee engagement at any level attracts new customers to your airport and increases your passenger traffic
  • Explains practical information on how to implement customer satisfaction research, define a customer service brand, and implement a comprehensive customer service improvement programme
  • Understanding the importance and utilization of airport service brands and customer service standards
  • Setting customer satisfaction goals and monitoring performance

Who Should Attend

  • Operations Directors, Managers, Officers and staff.
  • Airport Marketing and Commercial Managers and staff
  • Airport Public Affairs and Communications Directors, Managers and staff
  • Airport Security Managers Supervisors and staff
  • Supervisory and Managerial Airport staff who interact with external as well as internal customers

Course Outline

  • Introduce different customer service concepts
  • Explain and apply the strategic 3-step approach to service
  • Define what is an airport brand and the importance of a proper implementation plan
  • Describe techniques used to obtain customer buy-in and collaboration
  • Explain the use/need for performance management tools and how to apply the findings to improve staff performance
  • Case studies and a group assignment will be used to further explain the concepts

Course Prerequisite (s)

Speak, read and write English.