Gulf Centre for Aviation Studies

Through dynamic partnerships we provide integrated, up-to-date training


Along with our status as the world’s first International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) TRAINAIR PLUS training member, GCAS enjoys partnerships with some of the industry’s principal authorities and influencers.

The ACI is the airport industry’s leading international association. Through the establishment of its Global Training Hub in 2004, ACI has been promoting airport excellence by providing superior, comprehensive training solutions to the industry. GCAS is one of ACI’s ten Global Training Hubs.
IATA is the global airline trade organisation representing 93% of scheduled international air traffic and is a leading provider of global aviation training solutions and professional development programmes. As an IATA Regional Training Centre, GCAS works closely with the organisation to ensure international best practice is followed in Abu Dhabi.
The specialised agency of the United Nations, ICAO is mandated to ensure the safe, efficient and orderly evolution of international civil aviation. ICAO endorsed the establishment of GCAS in 2008.
Associated with the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC),  JAATO offers excellent training courses on the relevant safety rules and regulations for aviation authorities, airports and airlines. GCAS is the exclusive provider of JAATO courses in the Middle East and North Africa.
Uniteam Medical Assistance is a Medical Services company based in Abu Dhabi U.A.E, specializing in Medical Assistance Services and Medical Training services.Uniteam is a leading provider of services and consultancy in First Aid and Medical Training including Life Support Training for Healthcare Professionals, Medical Skill Training, Continuing Medical Education, First Aid Training services, Aero-medical services and International Patient Escort services.

The ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS Programme (TPP), which was launched in 2010, has successfully expanded into a global cooperative network of aviation training organizations and industry partners. TPP constitutes valuable ICAO support to its Member States and the aviation industry through the implementation of high-quality standards in civil aviation training and capacity building. Additionally, this Programme is one of the key pillars of the ICAO Civil Aviation Training Policy, which entered into force on 1 July 2014, and assists in implementing sustainable human resources development strategies, consistent with Assembly Resolution A38-12.