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Popular Courses

GCAS’s portfolio of more than 300 courses covers most key aviation & airport related topics.  Our courses are not just focused on knowledge transfer in the classroom, but are linked to real-time business & operational work requirements. Our aim is to create knowledge intensity, which ensures that delegate’s skills grow and adapt to constantly changing roles, and to leverage the power of collaboration and synergy in a global world. GCAS courses are not limited to the aviation sector. Our popular customer service, soft skills, HSE & leadership courses are relevant to other industries as well. 

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Aviation Courses

GCAS’s strong belief is that human capital development will continue to be rooted in a strong training culture which integrates experiences of the past with the requirements of the future, with training that not only delivers operational effectiveness but also caters to the dreams, aspirations and ambitions of individuals looking for a long term career in the aviation industry. GCAS works closely with global training organisations such as ACI, ICAO, IATA, JAA TO, as well as other local partners to offer a portfolio of more than 300 course relevant to most key areas of the aviation industry.

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Non Aviation Courses

While GCAS’s core focus is the aviation industry, we work closely with other industries in providing customer service, soft skills, HSE & leadership courses. Our focus on excellence, quality & attention to detail and our pool of instructors who are drawn from wide range of industries and backgrounds ensures that our courses will cater to your specific requirements, no matter which industry you are from.

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Customized Courses

Customized training is available for most of our courses and we will be glad to work with you to develop training content that suits your specific requirements. Our experts ensure that your organization-specific information is seamlessly incorporated into your customized session. GCAS courses are not just limited to our facilities in Abu Dhabi, but can be delivered at your location of choice in the UAE or globally.

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