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Virtual Instructor Led Training

These are extremely challenging times – especially for the aviation industry! But that does not mean you have to stop learning! This is as good a time as any to keep upgrading your skills!

Yes, we do have a challenge as many of the courses that we offer are face to face classroom sessions. But challenges must be overcome, and the GCAS Team are working to ensure that you continue to able to have access to relevant aviation & airport training sessions.

Virtual Instructor Led Training or VILT is the next best thing to face to face learning, where you can interact with your instructor and fellow classroom, albeit remotely! Here’s what Harvard Business Publishing had to say about VILT;

Virtual Learning Works, But Not Because It’s Virtual

“First, virtual learning – done well – can be a more effective and more impactful option for learning than classroom experiences. Second, it’s not the fact that it’s virtual, or even that it uses technology, that makes it better.

I’m not going to get into a comparison of the activity-level instructional design considerations and constraints for either approach, because they’re almost irrelevant to this discussion. The reason virtual is superior is about how people really learn, and the opportunity that shorter, focused bursts of learning spread over time provides for changes in the way people think and act.”

Larry Clark -


Virtual Learning or online self-learning may be a very new concept for many of you. But our advice is START! Try out a learning option that suits you the best – with a subject or topic that you would like to learn!

We offer the following options:

  • Online self-learning – more than 30+ airport related courses on offer accredited by Airports Council International [ACI]
  • Virtual Learning – a detailed calendar is being published. If you have any specific topic that interests you – email us at
  • Webinars – we will be launching short webinars on key topics. Watch this space!
  • Mentoring – looking for advice? We will be more than happy to connect you with our subject matter experts. Email us at

From the GCAS Team, Stay Safe! Stay Strong! Stay Healthy! Stay Learning!

Email us on for more information or your specific training requirement. We will be glad to help!